German idioms and english equivalents

Resulting from a conversation on irc.
Thanks to fogobogo.

English German
to keep one’s ears open die Ohren offen halten
when there’s a will there’s a way wenn man etwas tun will, kann man es immer machen
the grass is always greener on the other side auf der anderen Seite is das Gras immer grüner
your eyes are larger than your stomach Die Augen sind grösser als der Magen
you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours eine Hand wäscht die andere
keep a low profile den Ball flach halten
draw the short straw die Arschkarte ziehen oder den kürzeren ziehen
“Get me a beer woman!” “Weib, bring mir ein Bier!”
to outsmart someone jemandem ein Schnippchen schlagen
German idioms and english equivalents

3 thoughts on “German idioms and english equivalents

  1. A German friend is writing a marketing brochure. He wants to write a slogan that says his client has all services in one place, like we might say ‘One-stop shopping.’

    My friend’s English translation of his German slogan is:

    “All services in one hand.”

    The German “in one hand” is not an idiom familiar to English speakers. Can you think of something that is equivalent?

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