Sorbi – Newton Fractals

I give you Sorbi – a program I’ve written for generating newton fractals.

Some Pretty Pictures

These have been generated using Sorbi.

What are Newton Fractals?

Newton Fractals are a type of iterated fractal, created when performing the Newton-Raphson iteration on the complex plane.

Newton-Raphson Iteration

z_{n+1} = \frac{f(z_n)}{f'(z_n)}

The resulting fractals can be coloured by root reached, or by the number of iterations required to reach the root (or various other methods, such as the value of arg(z_n) after n iterations.

How do I get the program?

Pull from git

git pull git://

…And run the program



  • python
  • pygtk
  • numpy
  • PIL – ‘Python Imaging Library’
Sorbi – Newton Fractals

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