Idoru ~ William Gibson

Book Two of the ‘Bridge Trilogy’

Published 1996

He sifts through vistas of data and from the chaos identifies nodal points: places where data from various media come together, hinting at the near future.
No. Not Gibson himself, but Laney, a ‘quantitative-analyst’ and one of the protagonists of the novel.

Maybe it’s slightly strange coming to this after reading Gibson’s later work – this book feels almost like a stepping stone between the dark, grittyness of Neuromancer (published 1984) and the fast-paced but somehow much lighter Pattern Recognition (published 2003).

The vision of cyberspace in Idoru is much more concrete, visual than that in The Sprawl trilogy – nearer Snowcrash (Neal Stephenson, 1992) than the neon data-vistas of Neuromancer. Not that this book isn’t Gibson through and through. The focus on the minutae, the tech-heavy slang-heavy vocabulary and the seperate-yet-linked viewpoints.

It will be interesting to see how this fits in with the rest of the Bridge books – I’ve yet to read All Tomorrow’s Parties

Idoru ~ William Gibson

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