Simple Quine in Python

I recently saw this blogpost – – which gives a quine in ruby with a twist (read the post). It struck me that somehow I’ve never tried at writing a quine.

Turns out a very simple quine (no attempt be concise) is.. very simple.

import zlib
data = b'x\x9c\xcb\xcc-\xc8/*Q\xa8\xca\xc9L\xe2JI,IT\xb0U\xa86\xa8\xe5*(\xca\xcc+\xd1\x00\x89\xea\xa5\xa4&\xe7\xe7\x16\x14\xa5\x16\x17k\x80\x14h\x82\x05RR5\xd4KK\xd2t-\xd45\xf5\xd2\xf2\x8br\x13K \x92\x9a\x00\x82\x1e\x1b\xc4'

The data section is result of compressing the string:

import zlib
data = {0}

and so we decompress the data and replace {0} with what the data is.

Simple Quine in Python

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