Fantastic HTTP Console

I’ve just started coding something for Google App Engine (which I’ll publish if it gets anywhere) and after reading First we built an API, then we built a CMS on Hacker News I decided to design the API first.

I wanted a way to test and play with this API from the console. A search threw up HTTY: the HTTP TTY, which is a fantastic HTTP console and makes testing a breeze.

One can cd between urls, build and clear query string with query-set and query-clear and use the HTTP verbs.

An example session

http://localhost:8080/api> query-set key aglib29rbWFya3NyDgsSCEJvb2ttYXJrGAMM
http://localhost:8080/api?key=aglib29rbWFya3NyDgsSCEJvb2ttYXJrGAMM> get
200 OK -- 6 headers -- 328-character body
http://localhost:8080/api?key=aglib29rbWFya3NyDgsSCEJvb2ttYXJrGAMM> body
[{"user_tags": ["omg", "lol", "google", "123"], "created": "Fri Dec 24 18:42:42 2010", "_key": "aglib29rbWFya3NyDgsSCEJvb2ttYXJrGAMM", "title": "lol", "access": "public", "link": {"_key": "aglib29rbWFya3NyCgsSBExpbmsYAgw", "url": "http:\/\/\/"}, "user": {"nickname": "", "email": ""}}]

Fantastic HTTP Console

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