Chunkify – Grouping series in pandas for easy display

Continuing with the same population data-set from last time, say we wanted to group countries by when their last valid entry in the population data table.

last_year_of_data = pop_stats.groupby('Name')['Year'].max().reset_index()
Name Year
0 Albania 2004
1 Antigua and Barbuda 1983
2 Argentina 1996
3 Armenia 2012
4 Australia 2011

Let’s say we want to display these groups of countries in chunks – enter chunkify.

def chunkify(series, into=4):
    #ensure the series has a sequential index
    series = series.reset_index(drop=True)
    #chunk the series into columns
    columns = [series[range(i, series.size, into)]
                    for i in range(into)]
    #stick the columns together
    df = pd.concat(columns, axis=1)
    #rename the columns sequentially
    df.columns = range(into)
    return df

Usage is simple.

last_year_of_data.groupby('Year')['Name'].apply(lambda x : chunkify(x, 3))\

VoilĂ !


0 1 2
2008 0 Malaysia Maldives
2009 0 Fiji Iceland Ireland
1 Jordan New Zealand South Africa
2010 0 Bahrain Belarus France
1 Georgia Italy Kazakhstan
2 Kyrgyzstan Lithuania Mongolia
3 Romania Russian Federation Slovakia
4 Slovenia Sweden Switzerland
5 TFYR Macedonia United Kingdom United Kingdom, Northern Ireland
2011 0 Australia Bosnia and Herzegovina Brunei Darussalam
1 Bulgaria Cyprus Denmark
2 Egypt Finland Greece
3 Hong Kong SAR Japan Kuwait
4 Malta Mauritius Netherlands
5 Poland Portugal Qatar
6 Republic of Korea Rodrigues Singapore
7 Spain United Kingdom, Scotland
2012 0 Armenia Austria Belgium
1 Croatia Czech Republic Estonia
2 Germany Hungary Israel
3 Latvia Luxembourg Norway
4 Republic of Moldova Serbia Seychelles
5 Ukraine United Kingdom, England and Wales
Chunkify – Grouping series in pandas for easy display

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