List of Datasets, List of Lists of Datasets

Consider this sort of a public-facing list of datasets I’ve found interesting, have played with or want to play with.

List of Datasets

Lending Club

Peer to peer credit marketplace Lending Club publishes data on issued and declined loans.

World Health Organisation

The WHO publishes many interesting datasets at They don’t however do a great job of linking to the raw datasets: is a comprehensive dataset providing mortality rates for all reporting countries, but difficult to find from the navigation.

New York Times

The New York Times has a fairly comprehensive open api, documented at


The Chicago public cycle hire scheme (akin to New York’s Citibike, London’s Barclays Boris Bike) published data on 750 000 trips made for their data challenge.


Outpan aims to provide a single database for turning barcodes into product information. Not extremely complete.


Under the efforts of transparency, a dataset containing information around usage of Medicare. Could make a complement to some of the other medical datasets available.

List of Lists of Datasets

List of Datasets, List of Lists of Datasets

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