Notes: First Steps with the Interactive Brokers API (OS X Mavericks)


IB Workstation

In order to use the API the IB Workstation must be installed and running – one then connects to this using the API. Installation is available for Mac, Linux and Windows – for mac the automatic pkg is here.


Next step is to download the API – a collection of java source files which handle talking to the IB Workstation. Download the jar and extract it somewhere.

IB Controller

Manually running the GUI app each time/manually clicking through dialogs etc, is a pain. To mitigate this the IB Controller github project provides a wrapper around launching/controlling the app. Getting this working was just a matter of following the userguide.

Creating a Simple Automated Client (Eclipse)

Ultimately this’ll be done with gradle, but for now let’s just quickly use eclipse.

  • Create a new eclipse project
  • Add the folder ‘javaclient’ from wherever the API was extracted as a linked source folder (right click on project -> build path -> link source folder)
  • We’ll use classes in com.ib.controller
    • instantiate an ApiController
    • instantiate a NewContract
    • instantiate a NewOrder
    • call the controller’s placeOrModifyOrder method (for now just use a no-op IOrderHandler)

Next Steps

I feel it’s important for this type of thing (i.e. time sensitive, immediate monetary penalties for errors) to focus on verification/programming defensively.

Thinking in pseudocode I feel like I want to place an order, and be notified if it’s not filled in $timeout seconds/any other error happens. I also feel like I want to maintain a local version of the truth, and always compare this against what the API reports as the truth before doing anything.


Notes: First Steps with the Interactive Brokers API (OS X Mavericks)